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MyBlocks is a startup gaming company that focuses on 3D mind puzzles. We need help with securing a new packaging label and packaging company.

About this Innovation

MyBlocks started in 2014 on a $600 budget and has grown to over $72,000 in annual sales. We are projected to grow by 11% in 2016 and we need new labeling and a packager to continue to meet demand.


Recently we have not been able to fill demand due to faulty packaging and an unreliable packager. Our management team has searched and identified a new graphic designer that has worked with IKEA and found a cost effective packager. The packager focuses on lean and efficiencies to meet their clients needs. 

How you can help

Our plan is to use the $6,000 to create a new label for our packaging, make our packaging environmental friendly, and establish a better relationship with a new packager.

Promo Box

We will be offering a early run of the new packaging to highlight our first 50 backers. The label will feature a cartoon rendition selfie with the headline “(Your First Name) Funded this Project.

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We will post updates as they come up.


Some previous questions from backers

How long will it take to deliver my reward

Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for delivery.

Will you be offering more awards?

We are offering a limited run at the moment... but we are open to new rewards for our second round of funding.

When will you offer your second round of funding?

We will determine if this is needed based on how the limited production will go. We are planning to offer bulk orders to continue to spread our special packaging.

What will the pricing model look like?

Our plan is to offer a 5 x 1. That means for $39.99 they get 5 packages. The intent is to share 4 of them with family and friends of the limited run.

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