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Tidbit Bread Bakery will be a European style bakery and cafe in Anywhere, USA. We will provide all our visitors with high quality pastries and naturally leavened breads featuring locally sourced grains and ingredients; all baked in our hand-built 15 ton wood-fired masonry oven. We will also offer a comfortable cafe environment where people can enjoy spending time together over coffee and pastry, or grab bread or a sandwich for a picnic.

Our Story (About this Innovation)

Jill and Jane Smith have a combined 30 years of baking experience, and an unyielding love for and belief in one another. Both have lots of food service experience from their teens and early twenties and they always loved a good bakery but they never anticipated becoming a bakers. A friend got both Jill and Jane a job working the counter at Godda Have It Baking Company in Thunder Ridge, Colorado in March of 2002. They quickly fell in love with the trade and eagerly learned how to bake from their fellow bakers and practiced at home as often as possible; there was no going back! Both went on to learn and grow as  bakers under the guidance of Certified Master Baker Big Muffin and the team of highly skilled bakers and pastry chefs at the King Arthur Flour Bakery in Vermont.

Jill and Jane considered staying in Vermont, but their hearts pulled them to return home to Paris, France and open a small craft bakery of their own. They spent a year living in outside the city while they researched good locations for a bakery. Jill continued to bake and Jane put her MBA to good use working at a small consulting business.

In the spring of 2013, Jill and Jane moved back to the States and  bought a house in Anywhere, USA and decided to start Tidbit Bread Bakery that summer (as a cottage food, farmers market business), using a small mobile wood-fired oven parked in their driveway. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of a community eager for good bread, they had a very successful season selling products at farmers markets and local stores. They learned from their health department that fall that they were not permitted to use an oven located outdoors, and had to put the cottage foods business on hold while planning the next step. Since running a retail bakery had always been their long-term goal, they decided to go for it and open a brick and mortar store.

How You Can Help

In April 2015, we rented a space on Route 66 in Anywhere that's perfect for our bakery. The first half of summer was spent preparing the architectural drawings and working with the building, health, plumbing, sewer, and EPA (water) departments to help bring our space to code; our plans have been approved from the these departments and now its time to begin construction! Our new wood fired oven is already finished.

So far, we've covered the costs of the renovation and oven ourselves, but we need help to finish the job. Specifically, we'd like to put the money from this innovation towards renovating the bakery's production kitchen, which needs brand new plumbing, electric, HVAC, work tables and sinks. Our hope is to have our doors open this November so we can get busy baking for the 2015 holiday season! We've put together a lot of great rewards we think you'll love!

Here's the breakdown of how we will spend the 20K:

  • Dig the floor up to lay the new plumbing line for the sinks and re-pour the concrete floor

  • Install 5 sinks (3 compartment, food prep and hand sink)

  • Install a floor drain

  • Rewire the electric for the entire production room and install all new outlets for our small amount of equipment

  • Add heating and cooling vents to the existing furnace to add the room to the temperature controlled part of the building

  • Add a drop ceiling and lights

  • Add insulation and new drywall with FRP panels on top

  • Seal the concrete floor for food safety requirements

  • Buy 3 benches for the dough!

This is only part of our construction plans. We also have other areas to completely remodel to make our space ready. We really want you to be part of our journey!

Risks & Challenges

We have already overcome most of the biggest risks and challenges with opening a business.

Our architectural designs and plans are fully approved by the Health Department, Plumbing Department, Building Department, Fire Department, Sewer Department and Zoning Department. We have our contractors selected and are ready for the construction. Raising enough funding is our biggest final challenge to opening, but once we are open, we already have wholesale accounts lined up and a great menu for our retail shop.

We are both experienced in baking and bakery management and make the perfect team for running a successful bakery. We have been planning this shop for 10 years!

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