We’ve learned over the years that the most successful ideas are those that spread and grow because of the individuals’ relationship to other individuals–not the way you “market” to the individuals. This is why RISE Startups emphasizes the need for community and social connections to help  your innovation and ideas spread.

Why Social?

“Pitching” your innovation or project by interrupting people wont get your project funded. You can’t afford to seek out people and send them unwanted messages, in large groups, and hope some of them will fund your project.
Instead, we have decided to help our innovators establish a foundation and process where an interested community can pitch your idea or project to each other. Our goal is to help you ignite your connections and network and then get out of the way and let them talk about your innovation.

We used to make food. We used to make stuff… Now we make ideas in this connection economy of ours.

Much of your support may still come from people who already know your work: your closest contacts, friends, LinkedIn connections and your social community on and off-line. Here are some tips you should consider spreading your idea or project.

Before you submit your project to RISE Startups, think through how you’ll approach promoting your idea. Outside of your family and your family friends, who’ll be interested in what you’re trying to get off the ground? Gather lists of relevant blogs, media outlets, and online communities — like LinkedIn Discussion forums, message boards, or Facebook groups you know will care about your work. Compile your contact lists, and organize your strategy. (We’d be happy to help if needed).

Once your project is live on RISE Startups, you can certainly let people know! Share it on Facebook, and send out a few tweets. Email friends and family. However, the benefit of RISE Startups is that your ideas and projects will be shared to the followers of RISE Startups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. RISE Startups will also showcase projects via their email newsletter and LinkedIn Discussion Forum (coming soon). Projects will also be updated on The RISE Blog. However, the most successful projects typically start with small mailing groups and messages that are personalized, showcasing your project’s unique features and rewards.