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RISE Startups is an open innovation funding community and believes in bringing ideas to life. Our community of innovation helps dreamers, entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their dreams a reality. Our goal is to make innovation accessible and enabling to everyone.

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  • Welcome to the Innovation Handbook

    Innovation Handbook

    Welcome to the RISE Startups Innovation Handbook! We took a unique approach to teaching and ...

  • Let’s Start

    Guidelines, Innovation Handbook, Insights, Knowledge

    Let’s get started! By making something, anything, you are making meaning. You are going out ...

  • Funded!

    Funding Ideas, Innovation Handbook, Insights

    Providing funding and getting funded is part of the community at RISE Startups. We use ...

  • Ideas Spread

    Guidelines, Insights

    We’ve learned over the years that the most successful ideas are those that spread and ...

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